To use the software you need to add a license.

TRIAL LICENSE: You can create a trial license yourself, without contacting us or purchasing.

FULL LICENSE: If you already have a full license you can log in with your email and password.

Follow these steps: 

  • Open the Caldes Template (Double click on the V8Developer Excel icon on your desktop, if you ran the setup program.)

  • If you recieve a message about circular references, ignore this for now.  This is dealth with later.

  • NOTE: EXCEL ONLINE VERSION: Caldes will not work in Excel Online. Excel Online is too slow. If your template opens up in Excel Online, close it, open Excel Off-line and then open the template from within Excel itself. 

  • Now add the Caldes Task Bar Add-In: (Excel -> 'Insert' Tab -> My Add-ins (or 'My Apps' on older versions of Excel)-> Double click on the Caldes Icon) 

  • You will automatically be taken to the 'LICENSE CHECK' page.   From here, click 'L2: Log in' and follow instructions. If you experience problems here, try repeating the process and if that fails please call us.

  • MAC users note:  Some MACs have problems copying and pasting the license code.  If so, please try copying to Word or similar and then drag the code in to the box.  Any problems, please call us.

  • Once you have successfully logged in you will see:  'Welcome to Caldes V8 Developer. This is the "Task Pane (TP)"'.   This means that you have fully installed all of the components required. Now see the next step.
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