Property Development Consultancy

With over 25 years Development Appraisal consultancy, looking at billions of pounds worth of development schemes, we are well placed to find improvements and savings that add significant value to any sized project. We can also build bespoke models for you.

Our testing procedure, called 'PROFIT', is like an MOT for a car. It gives you peace of mind that your project really is as viable.

PROFIT covers:

  • Planning applications
  • Representation and design
  • Outgoings and costs
  • Finance
  • Income and values
  • Timings

Whether you are pre-planning or already on site, we look at all aspects of your scheme, stress-testing figures and offering suggestions and improvements, through structured, tried and tested methods.

Our analysis covers design, planning, costs, values, finance and timings, all of which have a major roll in the profitability of a scheme.

When we see areas of concern we will highlight them to you, possibly saving you many thousands of pounds.

Initially we provide a low-cost ‘once-over’ PROFIT score, along with appraisal summary, cash flow and sensitivity analysis.  If any significant issues are found then we may recommend further detailed scrutiny.
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