Caldes V8 Developer is available as an approved product direct from the Microsoft Office Add-In Store. 

For PC you must have Excel 2013 or later (2016 recommended).
For Mac you must have Excel for Mac version 15.19 (160206) and OS X v10.10 "Yosemite" or later.
NOTE: For an iPad, ignore this whole section and see step 2 on the previous page.

To install the Add-In, open a blank Excel workbook

(If you are using Office 365, make sure you log in at this point, if not already logged in.) 

Now go to the 'Insert' tab and then SEE BELOW as per these screen shots:

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Wrong verson of Excel

If you see a white header bar then you have an old version of Excel and you should update to the newer service pack before continuing.

Then come back to this step and you should see that the menu has changed to as above. 

To find out if you have Service Pack 1 (SP1) you should have Excel V15.0.4569.1506 or higher. This information can be found in Excel -> File -> Account -> Product Information
  • If you have the correct service pack then you should see a green header bar at the top.

  • If you have a green header bar,  click 'Store'.  

  • Then go to step 2 below.

Correct version of Excel but store is missing. 
See Troubleshooting below.

Upgrade to Service Pack 1

  • In the pop up window, select 'STORE'.

  • In the search box, type 'Caldes' and then press return.

  • You should see the Caldes Office Add-In listed as per the image below. Double click on this. 

Troubleshooting the Office Store:

The office store can be a bit temperamental, especially older versions of Excel.

  • If there is no 'Store' button between 'Pictures' and 'Recommended Charts' then you will need to add this service.  To do this, go to File -> Account -> 'Add a service'.  You will need a microsoft account to do this.  If your software is run by an IT department then you should contact them if you do not have an account.

  • If you cannot see any apps in the store, you need to log in to your Microsoft account first from within Excel first (File -> Account)

  • If you do not have a Microsoft Office account then you need to create one (or ask your I.T. department.)

  • If you still cannot see the store, try going to instead.  If the page is blank, clear your browser cache and then restart your browser.

  • If you still cannot see the store, try going to Excel -> File -> Account -> Connected Services and connect to the store that way. 

  • Also try logging out of your Microsoft Account completely, restart your computer and log back in.

  • If you still cannot log in to the store then you are probably on an old version of Excel and need to update to the latest service pack using Windows Update (See point 1 above)

  • Also check with your IT department. Some block access to the office store.

C3: You should now see a summary of the Add-In. Click 'Trust It' (Or 'Add' if Excel 2013). 
C4: You should now see a panel open up on the right hand side of your Excel page as per the image below.
Troubleshooting the Add-In Panel:

  • If the panel opens up but shows an error, try adding any other App in the store.

  • If they all give the same error then there is an issue with your environment and you need to talk to your IT supplier, but also see 'Troubleshooting the Office Store' above.

  • If there is only an issue with Caldes then contact us.

Correct Version ✓

Wrong Version ✖

C5: When you want to use the Add-In, just go back to 'My Add-Ins' (as per the image point 1) and it will be listed without searching. See the manual for more information
C6: Now quit Excel. There is no need to save the blank spreadsheet (but do save any other work you might have open.)